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Other Personalisation

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Other Personalisation Methods

Many of the Cuddlies do not have an area that can be embroidered on to directly.  In this case we use T-Shirts or similar garments in order to personalise the Cuddlie.  The garments used determine the best way to print the wording or pictures required, with the white polyester shirt giving a very good, long lasting and vibrant image.

We do not use standard templates in order to give full freedom of choice but we can help you choose wording or graphics if required - the cost includes a fully printed white T-shirt but other styles of garment may be used instead.  Its also possible to use a personalised ribbon and /or sash with wording and standard graphics.  Visit the Specials section of the shop for more details and prices.

We use Cuddlies from 5 different suppliers, so we have categorised our stock cuddlies into different groups to try to help with the selection process.  A quick look through the Galleries will usually help you to find the perfect choice for your needs.

Simply find the cuddlie of choice and add to the shopping cart.  When you are ready to checkout you will be taken through the process of paying and choosing delivery method. Finally fill in the personalisation form and send it to us and we'll do all we can to make sure you are 100% happy with your choice.


Personalised Using Garments
Ribbons & Sashes

Includes Traditional
Fun & Unusual


Personalised using Garments
Ribbons & Sashes
or Printed

Includes Only
Traditional Shapes

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