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Other Bears

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Teddy Bears
Bears that have words or graphics printed onto an additional item, such as a t-shirt.  We can use any colour, a large range of fonts, any photo and a library of standard graphics.  There are bears to suit all occasions whether its a traditional situation or you you require something quirky or unusual.

TRADITIONAL - Recognisable teddy bear shapes in a variety of sizes and standard fur colours.

FUN - Still recognisable as teds but with a little fun twist of shape or colour.

UNUSUAL - Bears but with a slightly different function than a cuddly toy.

Either flick through the Galleries or click on the headings below to be taken to the detailed listings, where, at the click of the mouse you can order that very special, personalised teddy.  So whether its a long lasting gift for a growing child, a momento of an occasion, a gift with a message or a bit of fun & romance, we can help you find the perfect gift.

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